Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Umoja Sock

Well, I did rip the sock out...the one I showed a couple of posts back. It would have been very loose. But I immediately started again (using a different stitch pattern in the leg, since I had a smaller number of stitches) and am, today, up to working on the heel flap. (I didn't get quite as much worked on the trip to and from Fred as I thought I might -- I never do.)

I so loved the garter-stitch-edged heel flap on the last pair that I decided to do the same one on this pair, even though the Goddess Schurch's recipe didn't call for it on this pattern. I was a little concerned, as I started, because this heel flap has an odd number of stitches (33) while the other sock had an even number (36). But you know what? I think it works better with an odd number of stitches! You end up with a little column of knit stitches on both sides next to the garter stitch, rather than one side having a column of knit stitches and the other side having a column of larger, fatter, slipped stitches. I think I like this even better.

Picture tonight, perhaps.

I'm loving this Madelienetosh yarn. Very sproingy and soft.

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