Saturday, May 31, 2008

In Which Our Heroine Reveals The Depths Of Her Boneheadedness And Is Spoken To Reprovingly By Her Daughter

I am such an idiot. Such a complete idiot. So, I regaled you all with the tale of the Comfort and having to call Webs up and tell them that, alas, I needed two more skeins of the yarn. And, being Webs, they had it and immediately shot it off to me. And as I was taking pictures of it, a stray thought wandered through my head and that stray thought was, "My, this yarn looks sort of....thick." But I shooed that thought away until last night when I re-read the Poonam pattern. And people, it calls for Comfort DK! Why didn't you tell me!? DK!!! Argh.

So I was just talked to Rachel, who is in a stinky mood as her apartment has mice, and mouse traps, and apparently when there is a trapped mouse a fit of the girlies comes over the other three room-mates and Rachel is left to deal with the mess. Well, Stephanie gives her moral support, I think...the others absent themselves. She's also out of food, though I suggested fried mouse.

Anyway, she asked what I was doing this afternoon and I said that I needed to run up to the yarn shop whereupon she informed me that I didn't need yarn, in fact I probably needed an inoculation against yarn. And she has a point. Sigh. But still, I am really hepped up to do this little sweater.

I have finished my Umoja socks. See how pretty!

So I guess I'm not a complete idiot.

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