Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bloody Wednesday

Some major and minor upheavals at work yesterday and today. Nothing I'll talk about here except to say that I'm glad I'm not in management and I can't wait until November when, with any luck, there will be the usual sort of exodus that occurs when the Administration changes.

The sock is coming along nicely. Maybe I'll get a picture tonight. Then again, maybe not. You obviously can't count on anything I say. But I'm on the gusset decreases and zipping right along. I am only doing the pattern stitch on the leg this time, so the plain stockinette is a breeze.

Rachel seems to be settling in well. There was an unfortunate incident with a plastic scorpion...involving her room-mate, dim lighting, the fetching of a resident advisor and the discovery, while carefully carrying the scorpion outside, that it had "Made in China" stamped on its plastic tummy. But her room-mate seems to have forgiven her. That Stephanie, she's okay. And it wasn't intentional on Rachel's part. Of course, she should probably stop laughing about it now.

And would someone please start up my reading ability again? I don't think I've read more than a page or two in the past month. I have three different books going, hoping that one will grab me and so far....nothing. And the year started out with such a bang! A long stretch of great reads. I think my brain is broken.

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Hee! Planting a couple of those would make for a noisy yard.