Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I hate looking back...way, way back...and noticing that I made a mistake in the garter stitch edge of the heel flap. There's a row of three stitches in the garter stitch edge that are knits and should be purls. Am I going to rip back? No. But still...sigh.

There's so little perfection in life.

Last night's dinner, though, was pretty close to perfect. (How's that for a segue?) We got yummy sea scallops from Wegmans and had those, pan seared, and snow peas (also from Weggies) just barely cooked to crisp/tender with a little seasoned butter on them and yellow rice. Yum. Tasty and pretty.

Tonight we have to wrangle the cats to the vets for their over-due shots. (They're both indoor cats, so the shots have somewhat less urgency to me.) That's always fun, but it'll be nice to have Rachel along to help.

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