Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chugging Right Along

So, as of the time I am typing this up, I am about a third of the way through the heel flap. I'm thinking that, if I make it through the heel turn and then weigh the yarn I have left and compare it to the full ball, and if I have about half of the yarn left, then I will make it to the toe. Does that sound right? Is that about the half-way point for a sock? (I am fighting a battle between my worry about having enough yarn to reach the toe versus my dislike of too-short socks.)

I am spending some time trying to come up with a good idea for a blog contest. I will, someday soon, have an extra copy of Shear Spirit to give away. And I'd like to have a contest. But I'd also like to come up with something cleverish...or fun...or a little different.

I thought about having people send me skeins of sock yarn and whichever yarn I liked best...that person would get the book! But I don't think I'd get many takers, do you?

Or you know...I could always donate the book to someone who is raising money for a good cause. Like Claudia and her ride for MS. This year, since her husband broke his ankle, they won't be riding, but she is still raising money and this could be a prize. That would be a good thing to do. But really...I think I want to have a contest of my own. Is that selfish?

Any ideas out there?

Am I asking too many questions?


Kitt said...

I've thought of doing a giveaway, too, since I've benefited from such nice ones. But yeah, book. Who wants books?

Rooie said...

Me! I like books.

evergreenknits said...

I run a blog that's all about knitting-related contests: WiKnit

You might find it interesting to scroll through and see how other people have run contests

Good luck with yours!

Rooie said...

Oooh, thanks! I'll check that out.