Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oh, So Fine!

I got my greedy little hands on Knits So Fine today and man, is it a yummy book. I just sat down with it and gave it a preliminary look-through...and now I want to knit almost everything in it. Well, not the dress, though it would have looked great on my mom in her heyday.... But there are a number of yummy, covetable sweaters, some smashing arm-warmers, a pretty beret (Mom would have liked that, too). And did I mention all the covetable sweaters? There is a sweater vest that may start me collecting Trekking XXL. And oh, the Bohus-inspired yoked sweater is gorgeous.

Go. Check out this book. I think you won't be disappointed.

Rachel tells me that she is heading to Target today as she needs a grater and a sifter...I'm worried. That girl shouldn't be left unaccompanied in a kitchen-ware department. What a cook she is! She is planning what sounds like a sumptuous meal. Meanwhile, I can hardly scrape up the interest to spread some cheese on some crackers. Hey, it's summer! Who wants to cook?!


Rose said...

Haven't seen that book yet; not to sound naive, but wouldn't it take a long time to knit garments with yarn that fine? Speaking of yarn, you really cleaned up in the yarn department yesterday! Beautiful stuff!

Rooie said...

They address the time it'll take in the book and offer ways of dealing with it. Yes, it'll take longer. But the look of these sweaters convinces me that it would be time well spent.

I've gone a little overboard in the yarn department lately and I have a small box coming from Webs, too. Sigh.

Turtle said...

Lol at teh kitchenwares comment. We had planned on the inlaws staying for a bbq this evening and had all prepped. Then they changed the plans, talk about leftovers! We went from prepping for 6 with a little leftover to 4 with a ton of it! Hmmm,. that sweater sounds interesting using the sock yarn.