Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hang Onto Your Hat...

Big post here, with lots of pictures. (Don't we all love looking at pictures?)

Anyway, yesterday I came home to a box from the Loopy Ewe. They are both pocketbook-drainingly tempting and fast! So here's what I got:

Dream in Color Smooshy in Some Summer Sky. And that's what it's like...on my monitor, this is coming across a little too turquoise. Think of the prettiest blue sky you've seen and you're getting close.

Aracaunia Navajo - this looks a little off to me, too. It's a little less pink...more browny/purpley.

And I got two skeins from Scarlet Fleece, a dyer new to me. This one is called Lapis Woodland. Lots of yummy colors here.

And this one is called Coffiee and Raspberry Pie. And here is where buying off the internet has some disadvantages. This is what the yarn looked like in the Loopy Ewe picture. You can click to make it bigger. It looked much subtler, with more color variegation. But this should make a pair of socks that'll knock some people off their feet. It's bright!

So that was yesterday.

Today, after a trip to Daedalus, I dropped in on my friends at The Black Sheep for an hour or so. And came home with these:

On Line Supersocke Cotton Summer Color. Soft, cool, beachy colors. Pretty. But lest you think I've lost my yen for brights....I also brought home this:

Claudia Sock Yarn in Circus Dance. Isn't it happy!?

I also spent some time outside with the cats and Mr. Pointy Sticks this afternoon.

Our rhododendron is in riotous full bloom. I love the speckles.

Gizmo likes being outside, too.

And there are still two more days left in the weekend! Yay!


Charis said...

I am IN LOVE with that blue yarn at the top. That is currently my very favorite color (in conjunction with cobalt blue, which has always been my favorite favorite).

Rooie said...

Oooh, I have the yarn for you, then. I have some wonderfully soft wool in turquoise and cobalt. Do you need a scarf?

Charis said...

Ooh! If you're ever running out of people to knit for, I would love a scarf! That wool sounds beautiful.