Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's Not Like I Haven't Been Busy....

(Chinese food for dinner tonight so I thought I ought to throw a little more exercise into the mix to counterbalance some of the Chicken with Asparagus calories.  And as long as I'm here entering exercise, I might as well try to get a post written.  Don't know that it'll get posted before tomorrow, but it'll get started.)

There have been some shawls rolling off the needles.

It was so cold in our new office space that the idea of shawls suddenly became oh, so attractive.  Here's a recent one, done in an angora and merino blend from Webs.  So soft and fluffy, so heavenly to knit, so comforting to snuggle in.  Yes, it is black slacks get a vague pale blue haze when I wear them and it at the same time.  But I'll take a little shedding for such divine softness.

And I bought a new shawl pin that you see here with it.

This pin was actually meant to go on the red shawl you'll see further on.

I'm participating in Camp Loopy for the second year.  Our first (of three) projects had to be a pattern by a designer from outside our country of residence.  I chose Stripe Study, by Veera Välimäk, a Finnish designer.  I love her patterns.  This was supposed to be in two colors, but I threw in a stripe of yellow for interest.  My dad helped me talk through where the odd color stripe should be placed, so...Thanks, Lolly!

For our second Camp Loopy project, we were to knit something in one of the colors from our country's flag (there's a lot of nationality stuff this year at camp because it's an Olympics year).  I chose red and decided to make a Skein of Geese shawl.  The picture above is at the end of the first skein of yarn.  I ended up using 2 and a half skeins...about 1000 yards.

I love this shawl with a fierce love...It's wonderful to wrap up in.

And I just sent off a shawl to a Ravelry friend in Oklahoma.  We both signed up for a shawl swap...she's crocheting me a shawl, I knit her one.  I can't wait to see mine and I am hoping she will like hers.  I'll post pictures later, after I'm sure she's gotten her package.

And finally...I've started my third and last Camp Loopy project.  It's....a shawl.  It had to use more than one color, to signify the unity of the nations coming together in sports.  I was going to do a shawl called Light in Shadows, but the instructions just weren't making sense to me at now it's just going to be a simple pink and dark brown striped shawl.  Pictures to follow.