Saturday, May 17, 2008

Out On The Tiles

I ran into KG Tiles this morning and waited for a few minutes until Leah was free. I felt bad bothering her, as they seemed sort of busy but as it turned out things cleared out and she was able to haul out the tiles we've chosen for the bathroom. And here they are:

The river pebbles will be the floor of the shower...the white tiles on the left will be the walls of the shower, with a couple of rows of the yummy frosted glass tiles as an accent. And the grey-green-blue tile on the right will be the floor of the bathroom. Pretty? I think so. I think it looks beachy and relaxing.

There sure are some pretty tiles out there.

And, speaking of pretty, our rhododendron is beginning to bloom.

In bad news...I think the sock I started yesterday will turn out too big. I think I might be ripping it out and starting over.

You don't have this problem with scarves....


Life's a Stitch said...

I do love those colours straight out of nature. I used a stone from the local creek to select a colour of paint for our entry.

Turtle said...

I am so loving the tile and stone~

Daniel said...

Gorgeous tiles, especially the river pebbles!

Thanks for the (Aunt?) rhody pic -- I now have a brilliant wake-me-up desktop for a sleepy Monday.

How's that for a completely non-knitting comment?

Rooie said...

Glad you like the picture, Daniel.

And non-knitty comments are welcome...heaven's knows this isn't always a completely knitty blog.