Thursday, May 29, 2008

News Flash!

Dinner won't cook if you don't turn on the heat.

Unfortunately, that's not a metaphor. I really did forget to turn on the heat under the vegetables. Sigh.

Something else I forgot? To change the "1" to a "3" when I ordered the Berocco Comfort from Webs. See, a week or so ago I saw this...Berrocco's Baby Poonam (am I the only one who thinks that sounds sort of dirty?)...and I fell in love with it. And there was Webs having a great sale on Comfort! So I ordered it. Only I neglected to order 3...I only ordered one. Sigh. I just called and they are going to send me two more if they can match the dyelot...three if they can't. I'm such an idiot. But I think I am going to make this as a second sweater for Toby. Oooh, or I know someone else it could be for....

It's nice soft yarn. And machine washable.

And I also got some blue yarns. Rachel wants a Jayne hat, like the one I made for Stephanie, but she wants hers in shades of blue. I bought some Lopi, but that stuff is scratchy! So I ordered several blues in Cascade's Pastaza, also on sale...llama and wool and much softer.

I think it'll probably be the three middle ones, but I'll let Rachel take a look before I decide for sure.

Argh...there is so much I want to knit and only a finite amount of time.


Rose said...

Just catching up--I tried to read Wit's End and didn't get into it either. I liked the Jane Austen one, even though it was a little light, so I was surprised. Let me know how you like the Comfort yarn. I made a baby hat out of it and I had mixed feelings about the yarn. Well, I sound like a Negative Nancy tonight, don't I?

Rooie said...

Well, let's say Realistic Rose.

And now I'm all curious about your mixed feelings for Comfort...