Friday, April 18, 2008

Yay! It's Friday Evening

I lurve Friday evenings. The weekend stretches ahead of you, all full of possibility. Even though you know you'll probably just squander it away doing laundry and running errands...

So, Roland, an old friend of Rachel's, helped me model Toby's sweater, though he complained a bit about it being too warm for a sweater, really. I told him to suck it up.

He prefers the following shot, as he felt it captured a certain insouciant BMOC quality. Plus, he says, the greenery brings out his tawny coloring nicely. Whatever, Roland.

And look, we have another daffodil blooming, this one a pale yellow/pale pink sort of combo.

And finally, the maple has progressed from flowers to seeds to fuzzy little leaves. So cute. You know, for what's basically a weed tree.


CarrieM said...

The sweater looks fabulous! When I see the tiny garments, I always get a shock at how tiny the little people really are.

Rooie said...

Well, Roland's pretty big. The sweater is a 9-12 month size.