Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oooh, Mr. Postman!

He was awfully nice to me today.

First of all, I got my little order from Loopy Ewe. Sock yarn by Yarn Nerd. In the String Theory colorway. Something about these colors...they aren't my usual colors but for some reason they really called out to me.

The Loopy Ewe always send some little samples and such. This time I got samples of Apple Laine's Apple Pie and Seacoast Panda. And what's that other little thing? A Loopy Ewe stitch marker!

I love their little sheep...she's wearing little red socks!

But oh, the best part of the mail was nothing I ordered. Remember that alphabet challenge? Well, Ruth chose me for a consolation prize and wow! What a lot of goodies! Thank you so much, Ruth. So, what was my consolation?

Some yarn from Aussi Sock, a company I've never heard of before now. Colorway is Atlantic Weaves, yummy blues, purples and greens. And some Zen Yarn Garden, a company I've certainly heard of but never seen in person. This yarn has such luster and shine and is so squeezably soft. And gorgeous colors...this colorway is called James Danger. And I got some little goodies from Simply Socks, including another little stitch marker. (I'm getting quite the collection!) But the best thing?

Ruth sent me one of her Stitchsavers. These got written up in Knitter's Review. It's a little key-chain with a tiny crochet hook fastened on it so that you always have a tool handy for picking up escaping stitches. Isn't that clever? This is going...well, I'm not sure where yet, but somewhere that it'll always be close to hand.

Consider me consoled to the utmost, Ruth!

And, for more pretty...some more daffodils.

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