Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Alphabet Challenge #19 - On The Unbearable Slowness of Socks

I wish I could knit as quickly as the Yarn Harlot (read that post and then download the video....she's very fast!). Perhaps then I would be able to complete a pair of socks in under two years. Seriously...that's about how long it takes me, on the average. And we're not talking anything complicated here, people! No Cat Bordhi tricks, no beautiful Cookie A. lace! Just plain old ribbed socks. Take. me. forever.

(And there is actually a knit-along group that just finished up a year of knitting a pair of socks a week. Fifty-two pairs of socks in a year. My mind boggles.)

I love sock yarn, though. Boy howdy (to borrow an expression from a good friend - Hi, Kat!), do I love sock yarn. I think it's the colors. I'm all about color. Ask most people what their favorite color is, and most of them will snap right back with "Blue!" or "Red!" Ask me and what do you get? Dithering. "Umm...yellow. Or maybe a blue. You know that lavender blue you get in the evening? Or red. Or, you know what's really pretty? Cream and shades of yellow and purpley blues all together. Ooooh, or greens and purples. Reds and purples are nice..." And at this point you've wandered off to do something else, leaving me babbling softly to myself. "Some oranges and pinks together....or earthy tones...they can be nice..."

So I really need to get my socks in gear. The first step would be to finish these.

They've only been on the needles for a year.

Current Reading

I just finished my third (his second) Stuart MacBride mystery, Dying Light. Good gritty mystery, not for the squeamish.

Of course, now I'm stuck at work with nothing to read. Grrr.


CarrieM said...

That there is some pretty sock yarn Rooie!

Rooie said...

Thanks, Carrie. Now...if only it were socks, not yarn