Thursday, April 3, 2008

Alphabet Challenge #21 - U's Pretty Tough, U Is!

So...U. I toyed briefly with the idea of making this post be upside-down but decided that would be tedious to do and annoying to read. I thought of unusual things, the universe of possibilities, Unitarians, unicycles, and umbrellas. But then I started getting a headache so I quickly had to think about unicorns, kittens and rainbows to calm myself down.

But here's an idea. Here's a list of some of my bookmarked favorites that begin with U!

Ukazoo - (This is cheating a little because I don't really use the website....we go to the store.) Sort of a disappointing used bookstore, really. (They never have any knitting books!) It feels rather sterile and corporate and not really like a real used bookstore. On the other hand, it is a used bookstore and I've gotten a few books there for cheap. Unfortunately, they are pretty cheap on their trade-in prices, too. (Actually, they may be giving the usual just seems awfully cheap to me.) Then again, on the plus side once more, they took over the space of an out-of-business furniture store and, perhaps because of that, they have little rooms with incredibly comfortable chairs where I can sit and read and knit while Mr. Pointy Stick browses.

Uncommon Goods - All sorts of wild and wacky sorts of stuff. These might have come in handy for this challenge. They have interesting earrings, zippy little pouches, and boxes for holding things. Alas, they're not cheap...but it's sure fun to browse.

Unemployed Philosopher's Guild - Need a pair of Freudian slippers? A Susan B. Anthony finger puppet/magnet? Some Jeez-It sticky notes? This place has got 'em.

Unwind Yarn - Well, thanks heavens! I couldn't call this a knitting blog if I didn't have a yarny sort of website for this post! They're in Burbank, CA, so my chances of dropping in are slim...but I can ogle their nice selection of yarn from the comfort of my East Coast home.

And just for fun, here are some unusual websites I like, even though they don't start with U:

Infowisps - This blog, alas, appears to be dead...but still, the archives are fun to read...and won't take too long.

Dark Roasted Blend - A collection of weird and wonderful links.

Dogblog - This guy can make me laugh. And some of the dogs make me go "Awww!"

Simple Knit's Page of Triangular Shawls - Shawl patterns. Categorized by yardage. What a brilliant idea.

And if you want to waste some time....Flight of the Hamsters. Though I still haven't gotten down the timing on the pillow. An awful lot of my hamsters only go 0 feet.


lewarkk said...

Ohhh, DogBlog rocks!

Rose said...

I tried the Hamster site and apparently I'm too challenged to do it right! Probably my age?? Can't remember whose blog led me to yours but I like it and added it to my list.

Rooie said...

Yeah, the hamsters are tricky. You have to click to make the hamster jump and then you have to click at just the right time to have the hamster holding the pillow push him up in the air. That's where I lose it usually.

Rooie said...

Oh, and thanks for liking my blog!