Thursday, April 3, 2008

Alphabet Challenge #22 - V Is For Very Expensive

Vintage Velvet - A scrumptiously soft, sensuously silky, lustrous scarf I'd love to knit but I probably won't ever do so. Too rich for my blood. Perhaps if I find Muench's Touch Me for half-price (the regular price runs about $15 a ball - making the scarf cost $75 to make) I would be tempted to give in. Guess I'd better keep my eye on eBay.

This post is very short. Perhaps it's been attacked by verbivores.

I got the latest Knitters magazine yesterday and finally got the chance to look at it when I got in bed last night. I almost ran down and amended yesterday's post because man, is it ugly! I always re-up my subscription, even though I don't like the magazine that much anymore. But I've been a subscriber since the premier issue...which I have somewhere, I think. So it would be a wrench to let it lapse. But this might just be the issue that broke the camel's back.

In other cough is back. Feh.

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