Monday, April 21, 2008

Mistakes? What Mistakes?

La la...I am so screwing up the pattern in these silly socks. But I'm just not caring because (a) it's a pretty subtle pattern anyway and (b) the yarn has so many colors that no one is going to notice. I mean, I even know that I've made mistakes (like leaving out a row of plain knits that goes between the two iterations of the pattern) and I can't really find them. So, who cares? At least I'm knitting the darn things.

I get all hopeful and excited when I see how far I am (a few rows beyond the gusset decreases) and then I realize that I have a whole second sock to do. Sigh.

And today I saw some yarn on Etsy I couldn't resist. Yes, sock yarn. But such pretty colors!

The power went out last night again. Fortunately I was already sleeping, so it couldn't affect me that way again.

Current Reading

I've been dipping into lots of different books with none of them truly captivating me. The best one I've got going at the moment, though, is this tiny book, Go With Me. It's set in Vermont, where a young woman, an old man and a young man are headed off to deal, in some fashion, with the local bully. Along with that, I've got an Ann Granger mystery going (eh), a science-fiction novel just started (so far...a little better than eh), Lisa Tucker's latest novel (which I think I have formally given up's a lot worse than just eh) and I think something else. Oh yes, a book written by a doctor/poet about gross anatomy class and the body she worked on. Pretty good, but I keep misplacing it in the house.

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lewarkk said...

>I keep misplacing it in the house

Heh. I empathize.