Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's Magic!

I don't know why I don't knit socks more often. I love turning heels! It's so spiffy... There you are, knitting along in one plane and then, hey presto!, suddenly your knitting has turned a right angle and you're off perpendicular to where you were before!

Yes, I've picked up the poor neglected sock that I started...oh, last year sometime. And I've turned the heel on it. Now I have to decide if I want to keep using the subtle pattern that's on the cuff all the way down the front of the sock, something that will require a moderate Use of Brain, or whether I'll take the lazy way out and just make the whole foot portion stockinette.

I really should have been seaming up Toby's sweater, but I pulled it out today at lunch to work on it and realized that I had promised a picture a couple of days ago and I hadn't yet taken it and I needed to do so before seaming. Not to worry...this will all become clear when I get home, take, and post the picture.

See, there I was in the office, wanting to start seaming but I had no safety pins! No seam holders thingies! Man is, however, a tool-maker, right? So yes...those are binder clips holding my knitting together.

And now, just for some pretty - here's the geranium I bought this weekend for my front porch. Isn't he purty?


CarrieM said...

I, too, love turning the heels! It makes me feel like a genius even though it really is so simple. It was a challenge to get my first sock done, and when I did the heel, the light bulb flicked on for me. A sense of "Oh my gosh, I know how to do this!!!"

That geranium is just gorgeous! What kind is it?

CarrieM said...

Oh yeah, I meant to ask--what yarn is that? I love the colors!

Rooie said...

The yarn is Diakeito Diamusee Fine.

The geranium? I haven't a clue. It was outside a flower shop we passed and hasn't any identification.