Sunday, October 26, 2008

Would You Like A Crappy Weekend?

Seriously. I have one I can sell you. Only slightly used.

Oh, in the overall scheme of things -- world poverty, crashing stock markets, nuclear holocaust, no more Hydrox on the shelves -- it's relatively small potatoes. But we had a big storm roll through here this weekend and I spent all Friday feeling horribly dizzy and all Saturday with a splitting sinus headache and am still feeling the remnants of it today. Whinge, whinge, whinge.

There was also a set-back to the second sock, which did nothing to improve the humor. I was knitting along gaily Friday night, watching NCIS and The Office, which we had taped earlier in the week, and I looked down and noticed that there was A Problem. I'm still not exactly sure what The Problem was...or rather I know what it was but don't know why/how I did it. Somehow, about 6 rows back I had done a yarn-over and from then on had been knitting an extra stitch. So I dropped it out and all that extra yarn, now flopping around stitchlessly, made it look as though there was a small run in the sock. And of course, this wasn't on the sole of the foot. No...right in the middle of the top side of the foot and not down near the toe either. No....only an inch or so below the end of the ankle ribbing. Grrr....

I threw the sock down, thinking I would deal with it Saturday. But then, all I dealt with Saturday was the fact that the miner gnomes inhabiting my sinuses were dangerously close to chunking their way right out the front of my head. (Well, I did manage to fit in a trip to IKEA with my brother and his sweetie, but trips to IKEA come along rarely enough that you have to grab them, even with a pounding head.)

So this morning I sat down, ripped back and have reknit. If they were socks for me, I might have pinned my hopes on the fact that the yarn would eventually even out along the row and the "run" would be less noticeable, but these are for a friend and I want them to be as nice as possible.

I did do one clever thing...though I apparently wasn't clever enough to actually take pictures of the process. Instead of ripping back and trying to pick up little tiny escaping stitches, I wove the free end of each of the circulars through the row I wanted to rip back to and then pulled the working ends out of the row where I had stopped and ripped back with impunity. Only missed one stitch in the pick-up and caught that one before it skibbled more than a row away.

So now I can charge ahead once more.

The orange scarf is behaving beautifully and I've attached the second skein already.

Off to the grocery store now. What a thrilling life!

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