Monday, October 13, 2008

Day Three

Sigh. Back to the grind tomorrow.

Today we spent the day taking Rachel back to school. She had gotten some new clothes and new shoes and would have had to leave a lot of it home if she had taken the train. (She hates taking the train...and I love it. I'd love to have the excuse to ride a train for a couple of hours. Guess I could always take the train to Fredericksburg and visit Rachel, huh?)

Got some knitting done on the trip. Here is Kaethe's sock...completed through the gusset.

"But, Sarah," you say, "you were in the car for four hours! Do you mean to say that that's all the knitting you got done?"

Well, no. I was, I will admit it, unfaithful.

I started this:

This is that orange, part cashmere, yarn I got the other day and man, is it nice! Like butter.

I am using the Knitpicks Harmony needles that I won from Scout's Swag last month and boy, are they nice! Good sharp points and a little grippy-ness. And, unlike the metal circulars I'm using for the sock, the sun doesn't shine off these with a mighty shine, giving one little dancing sun-spots in one's vision.

Off to empty trashcans and clean cat boxes. Life is sometimes just so exciting.

Edited to add:

What a numskull. I meant to tell you where the scarf pattern came from and it took Martha's comment to remind me. It's from the first Little Box of Scarves. It's called the Fern Lace Wrap.


Martha G said...

I love that scarf pattern! What is it?

Rooie said...

I'm such an idiot. Martha, thanks for reminding me that I needed to tell y'all what the scarf pattern is. I've updated the posting, but just in case this is all Martha sees: It's the Fern Lace Wrap from the first Little Box of Scarves.

Kitt said...

Golly, that pattern is gorgeous.

Kaethe said...

That's a beautiful scarf, Cheater.

Rooie said...

Heh. I'm so unfaithful. Really, if I were going to have started anything, it should have been poor Rachel's sweater. I'm afraid she is thinking, "I'm never going to see that sweater...." But I couldn't resist the yarn and I love leafy patterns. So it all came together too temptingly.

I did not, however, bring the scarf with me to work, so I will be faithful to the sock on the drive to and from work and at lunch.

Just don't ask me what I'm knitting this evening. (Though if I sit and watch tv, it'll likely be the sock as it's simple stockinette. Dang! I should have brought the scarf to work!)