Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Need To Carry My Camera Everywhere!

Cameras aren't allowed at work. Do you think they'd let me carry mine around with me if I told them I needed it for my blogging? No? Neither do I.

But boy, I wished I had it this afternoon. When I left work, around 3:30, the sky was so freaking beautiful. There were clouds that looked like wisps of the whitest cashmere, carefully combed into silky wisps and then laid on a clear blue background. And it was one of those skies that felt both far, far away and so close you could touch it. I tried taking some pictures with my camera phone, but (a) they probably didn't capture it and (b) I have no idea how to get the pictures off the phone and onto my blog.

It was really lovely, though. Take my word for it. I even made one of the maintenance guys who was walking past stop and admire it with me. He agreed that it was beautiful, though perhaps he was just humoring the crazy sky lady. (Though to be honest, as he walked back into the building, I heard him say something about the sky to someone who was standing and smoking.) (And yes, I have considered that perhaps what he said was, "That crazy lady just made me look at the sky!")


Kitt said...

Weird that you can't have a camera with you, but a cameraphone is OK.

You can post photos to your blog; you just have to tell Blogger what your number is. (Go to your dashboard and look for "mobile blogging" in the righthand column.)

Otherwise, you can email the photo to your own email, then download it to your computer.

I try never to be without my camera, but the phone's handy in a pinch!

Kaethe said...

I have also never figured out how to get the pictures of my phone.

Wasn't it a gorgeous sky? We were playing in the backyard and saw a sun dog, 3rd picture down. Pretty

Carrie K said...

He probably made that guy admire the sky too. You've triggered off the Sky Appreciation effect.

Rooie said...

Kitt - Well, I'm sure they know that there are a lot of camera phones coming into the building every day, and I suppose if you waved it in front of the guards faces they'd have to do something about it. But as it is, I think they've decided to just ignore the problem.

As for emailing the photo...well, it would be a great idea except that someone < cough >me< cough > was too cheap to pay for that service. So I have a nice screensaver for my phone.

Carrie - Heh. I love the "Sky Appreciation Effect."

Kitt said...

So Rachel hasn't taught you how to text? I'm shocked.

Rooie said...

Oh, I know how to text...but I rarely do so.