Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Swag

The chicken is in the oven...and man, the house smells great. I think it's going to be done a little early. I'll take it over and Maureen can keep it warm in her oven until they're ready for supper. I also threw together a lasagna for Mr. Pointy Sticks and me to have later in the week. (Rachel, if you're reading this...I'm sorry. See if you can't order a hamburger from somewhere.)

"So there," say the Faithful Blog Readers (FBR), "you were going to show us what you got at The Black Sheep yesterday, weren't you?"

Me: "Well, yes, I was."

"You see, I was really just going up there to knit and visit, though I do like to buy a little something to help support the shop. (Though I think they had a pretty good day yesterday. There were a number of women who walked out with large bags full of yarn. Nothing like a cool day to make a knitter want to start a sweater.) But really, I wasn't planning to buy much. And then I saw this sample scarf they had knit up...(excuse this lousy picture).

It's a Jojoland pattern, called Swirl Shawl. There are probably better pictures out there on the Web. But trust me, it's soooooo pretty."

FBR: "So you bought a pattern. That's pretty restrained. Good for you!"

Me (scuffing toe in the dirt): "Well....yes."

FBR: "You bought something else, didn't you?"

Me: "Well.....yes. You see, they had the yarn to make the shawl sitting right there. And it's so pretty. And it's so soft. And, did I mention, it was right there."

FBR: "So, you bought some."

Me: "Yes."

FBR: "Okay, we can sort of understand that. I mean, you wouldn't want the yarn to be discontinued. And it looks as though it was fairly reasonable. And you could always use it to make 5 socks. That's not too bad a splurge." (My Faithful Blog Readers are nothing if not understanding.)

Me: "Ummmm...."

FBR: "There's more?"

Me: "Well, I was thinking that I had never knitted anything for Mr. Pointy Sticks and he could use a new hat for running and Christmas is coming and the old one is really grotty and an ugly burnt orange and it's only acrylic so surely it's not very warm and this one would be machine washable and wool and it wouldn't take too long to make and would be a good car I bought some Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Worsted in the Tahoe colorway. Isn't it pretty?"

FBR: "Sigh."


Marsha said...

I am generally not big on shawls, but wow, that swirly one is really cool. So cool, in fact, that this FPR thinks there was a moral imperative for you to buy the pattern and yarn for it.

Rooie said...

Heh. I like the way you think!

Martha said...

I agree!If I come across that shawl and yarn in a store, I'm buying it.

Love the Tahoe colorway for the hat. I have some socks out of that and they're some of my favorite socks. (Enabling hint: If one can't find that shawl in a store, Little Knits and Simply Socks both sell yarn and shawl).

Carrie K said...

It's very pretty! I agree with marsha. There was a moral imperative to buy that yarn for the pattern.

The Tahoe colorway is really gorgeous. Just like Tahoe.