Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thems The Berries!

So I am chugging along on Kaethe's socks. Here's a picture so far, though really the colors are deeper, darker, and more blended than they look here.

I am wishing that I had done something a little fancier than just 2x2 ribbing. I may play around with some ideas.

Hope you're not disappointed, Kaethe.

Poor old Rachel is having roommate problems and it looks as though her roommate may be moving out. Roommate says she can't put into words what's wrong...she says Rachel gives out "negative vibes." And left Rachel a note saying she was moving out...but if Rachel would rather she, Rachel, could move out. I told her to stay put. That if her roommate had problems, then she should be the one to move out. (Turns out, that's what the college rules are. The one with the grievance has to be the one to move.)

I know I shouldn't talk...I'm her mom. But I not only love this kid, I like her an awful lot. Yes, she's acerbic and she doesn't suffer fools gladly. And yes, her mood this semester probably has been rough since she's in pretty much constant pain from a pinched nerve and is unhappy with her classes. But she's smart and funny and a true and loyal friend. I think her roommate is an idiot.

So there.

Current Reading

Well, I already mentioned Nation and Toy Dance Party. The good reading continues with Miriam Toews' The Flying Troutmans. It's a good'un.

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Kaethe said...

Not disappointed at all.

Poor Rachel. I attest to her many sterling attributes, namely a sense of humor, keen taste in books, distinctive and creative art, and a wicked brownie recipe. I agree, the roommate with the negative vibe sense tingling is the one to go.