Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Say, Fortescue, Old Chap, I Believe I Have A Case Of The Vapours!

So, the headache...which seemed to be fading when last I wrote, came roaring back later in the evening. But it was all on one side of my head...in the right temple...in the cheekbone....and all along my jaw. Not pleasant. Still there Monday morning when I woke up and, as we were driving to work, with me cuddling my right cheek and wondering if several teeth had all gone rotten at the same time or something ghastly like that (because the pain was radiating along my upper and lower jaw on the right side)....anyway, as we were rolling towards work, suddenly the word "neuralgia" came floating into my head. "Huh," I thought, "that's a pleasantly old-fashioned way to describe the way I feel. Rather like saying I'm feeling liverish. Or have the vapors."

When I got into work, I looked up "neuralgia." And oddly enough...that seems to fit the bill. They even say it can be triggered by sinus congestion. And even though there it is on the 21st century web, something about it makes me feel all nineteenth century. Hand me my smelling salts, Maudie.

It's still a bit achy this morning. But I find that if I keep the right side of my face warm, it feels better. So I have a wool scarf draped over my shoulders and I periodically hug it to my right cheek. I am thinking if I feel as much better tomorrow compared to today as I did today compared to yesterday it should be pretty much gone. Here's hoping. I don't much like living in the past.

And yesterday I got a lovely box from the Loopy Ewe but I felt crappy enough, and the weather was dark and rainy enough, that I didn't get pictures taken or even feel like posting about it. Maybe this evening.

How's the knitting going, Rachel? (Ever tried to give knitting instructions over the phone? It's a challenge.)


Anonymous said...

Temporal arteritis? (Look it up if need be...both your aunts have had it). Simple migraine? If with vision changes, pay attention to it.


Anonymous said...

Trigeminal neuralgia? Sharp and stabbing pain--REALLY painful....

I'm just full of helpful unpleasant ideas.....


Rooie said...

I was wondering about the trigeminal neuralgia. But now I'm thinking sinus infection...though not one like I've ever had before. It's pretty damn painful at times.