Thursday, October 16, 2008

Well, Well...Lookie Here

What have we here? I do believe...why, yes, it is....Kaethe's first sock!

I have to admit that something sort of weird happened with this one. I carefully Kitchenered up the toe...looked nice....pushed the needle with the tail of yarn into the inside of the sock....reversed the sock and carefully wove in that end and all the other ends. Turned the sock back right side out, all proud of myself...and there was a loop of yarn, about three inches long, just hanging off the toe like it belonged there. It didn't. I ended up pulling it inside the sock and weaving it into some stitches. I think when I pulled the end of the Kitchenering yarn through I didn't pull quite all of it so I had this weird loop. No great harm done but it sure does knock the hubris out of you to have something like that happen.

And I need to wind the second skein of yarn up tonight or I won't be able to start the second sock tomorrow.

And in the mail today, I got this:

From Scout's Swag. The front one is Marina Piccola in superwash merino and tencel...very sheeny and drapey. Yum. And in the back, Morning Glories in superwash merino and nylon. Crisper and (I think) a wee bit heavier.

Both of them pretty enough to eat.

And yay, tomorrow's Friday!


Oh, Brother said...

Hope your Hubris is all better now!

Rooie said...

It's a little bruised. But I think it'll recover.

Kaethe said...

Somehow I'm not at all surprised that my sock would be a little loopy.