Monday, October 6, 2008

Nose To Grindstone, Shoulder To Wheel

Back to work. I stayed up much too late last night finishing Terry Pratchett's latest, Nation. Well, not much too late. But late enough that I am feeling it this morning. I have more than the usual Monday sleepies. But man, the book is so good. I am afraid it is being marketed as a YA book but really, everyone should read it. A look at gods and the role they play; what makes a man a man; science and faith. Anyway, it was just fantastic.

I also read, this weekend, Toy Dance Party, the follow-up to Toys Go Out. What can I say? I love Lumphy, the toughy little buffalo, and Stingray and Plastic. And Frank, the washer, is back in this second book. And the illustrations, as before, are adorable.

Rachel and I had a wonderful time with S. at Sugarloaf. Rachel got some presents for friends...I bought her some new earrings and I think she bought herself some. And I bought some for me. (Quelle suprise!) I love looking at all the pretties, even if I can't afford them. It seemed somewhat smaller this October than it usually is.

I started Kaethe's socks Sunday, on the way to Fredericksburg to take Rachel back. Got just about half an inch done and then found a spot in the yarn (Lorna's Laces! I'm ashamed of you!!) where one of the plies had broken. And I had no scissors with me with which to cut out the bad spot. But they are started. I decided not to do toe-up. Apparently doing them that way is really good for letting the recipient try them on during the knitting for the perfect fit but since Kaethe is a couple of states away, that's not going to work. So I decided I'd rather do them the way I'm used to. I think they'll go faster.


Kaethe said...

I'm sure that toe-up means something else in knittingese, but it makes me think of toes up, and now I want a nap.

I'm sorry the yarn wasn't right. I'm a little boggled at the idea of a perfect fit in socks.

Carrie K said...

Glad Sugarloaf was fun!

I love the toes on toe up but not so much the rest of the sock.

Terry Pratchett is such a great author.