Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So What Was It?

I had an idea today at work for something I wanted to write about here....and now it's gone. I'm hoping that perhaps if I sit here and twiddle the keys for a bit it'll come back to me.

The socks are coming along...I have passed the little bit of reverse ribbing so I'm getting close to the heel flap. The scarf is also coming along.

Eh. It's not coming to me...but here's a little book review.

Current Reading

I read the latest Robin McKinley last week. It's called Chalice and, like all McKinley, very good. It's a quiet book, no big surprises, and very romantic. In a good way...I'm not a big fan of mushy romance. I really liked the main character, Mirasol. It's set in a land that is a made up of demesnes, each ruled...or controlled...by a circle of twelve with the head being the Master and the second most powerful figure being the Chalice. Mirasol is the newly found Chalice in a demesne where the previous Master and Chalice died suddenly. The new Master is called back from the priests of Fire, where he has been studying and under whose tutelage he had begun turning to Fire. The tale of how the Master and Chalice form their much-needed bond and settle the demesne is told in four parts. Robin McKinley drops you into this unknown world and, without a lot of exposition, makes it seem as homey and familiar as this world. I love the way she does that.

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Kaethe said...

Glad to hear you're liking it. I've got Chalice on my stack.