Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day One

The first day of a three day weekend is always so wonderful. Tuesday seems so far away. You know you can fritter the day away and still have a weekend ahead of you.

So fritter we did.

In the morning, the tree guy came by and we chose the spots for the pear and cherry trees and for the pale pink rhododendron we are having put in. They'll go in on Friday.

And then we listened to the Saturday morning radio shows.

We were all hungry so we had lunch at Bluestone. Yum.

And then headed out to Barnes and Noble. I spent a good bit of money but all for Rachel. I just didn't see anything I craved. I did see a new knitting book. Nicki Epstein's Knitting on Top of the World. I pointed it out to Mr. Pointy Sticks and told him not to get it for me...I glanced through it pretty quickly, and really...not for me. There seemed to be some really....odd...things there.

Went to Trader Joe's and then home. I got some knitting done on Kaethe's sock...and should be doing more.

I did get something nice in the mail. Little Knits was having a sale and I couldn't resist this:

Some Schaefer Anne in shades of blue.

Some Mondial La Perle Gold in tangerine. This has 20 percent cashmere, so you can just imagine the soft.

And this Ella Rae book.

So, a nice day, all in all.

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