Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Boredom Can Get You In Trouble

As any parent knows, you don't want your kids to get too bored. A little boredom is fine...too much can lead to trouble. So I am knitting along on Kaethe's 2x2 ribbing and I think to myself, "Myself, this is kind of dull. What can you do to make it a little more interesting?"

Well, I briefly considered doing a little cabling detail but I was afraid that might pull the sock in too much and make it a little constricting. What I finally decided to do was to reverse the ribbing. So we have 4 1/2" of k2, p2 and now I've stitched to p2, k2. And after an inch or an inch and a half, I'll switch back again. Just to give the leg a little interest.

Then again, I may decide that it looks awful and rip it back. Who knows?

Rachel's roommate has moved out. She was supposed to wait a week after the mediation, to try to work things out, but she had her father call the college and push them to let her move out right away. (This got Mr. Pointy Sticks rather annoyed...he was all ready to call the college himself, but Rachel talked him out of it.)

The good side? Rachel may end up with a single for the rest of the semester at the least.


Kaethe said...

I'm sorry my 2x2 ribbing has you down. How hard is it to do stripes, like witches' socks?

I hope Rachel gets to bask in a single. She can enjoy the quiet and rest.

Rooie said...

Oh, the ribbing doesn't have me down...I was just thinking of a way to make them a little more interesting. Visually interesting, I mean.

Stripes are doable but you'd have a lot of ends to weave in if you were using two different balls of yarn. You can get lovely yarn that stripes ends to weave in!

Kitt said...

Self-striping yarn is the best. It does add interest for the knitter, without extra work.

I know you posted that there were roommate issues, but bad enough to move out? Wow. Glad Rachel will have some space to herself, or at least a better roommate.