Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yay! It's Friday! Well, A Thursday-Friday...

I love three day weekends. This one is weird to me because usually Federal holidays are on Monday. And the Fourth of July is on whatever day of the week the fourth falls on. (Except if it falls on the weekend in which case we get the Friday or the Monday......anyway......) But this year the 4th is on Friday so that's what we get. (I hate it when the 4th is in the middle of the week and we just have the one lame day off in the middle of a week of work.) Anyway, I'm ready for a three-day weekend, boy howdy!

And I got a nice (weekly) package from Loopy. I actually tried photographing this in the sunshine, because it just seems that the colors of these yarns, that are so intense and beautiful in person, seeming to glow sometimes, just don't look that special on the monitor. So, look at this!

This is Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in Poppies. It looks almost radioactive here, but it gives you some idea of the warmth and glow it has.

And this is Claudia Hand Painted in a colorway called Terracotta Dusk. I love this one.

Oddly enough, the two skeins that are dyed in cooler colors look better, I think, on the porch in the shade. Here they are:

At the top, Spirit Trails Scottish Thistle and on the bottom Sugar Bunny Boulevard's Kelly. (The pictures of these in the sun looked washed out....go figure.)

And one more day lily...

Off to start the weekend. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th.

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Laura said...

Awww!! Thanks for the pretty picture and Sugar Bunny Blvd Yarn Love! :)