Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hi! Miss Me?

It's not the lack of's not the busy-ness of work, it's not having only the laptop. Rather, it's a combination of those three things (plus a fat cat who likes to share the keyboard with me while I'm typing -- shove over Duncan!) that is making me from post so infrequently.

But I can't wait until I am back downstairs and can throw some pictures up here. I can show y'all bathroom shots. (Don't worry...I'll limit myself to the finished glory. I won't show you step-by-step shots.)

I've gotten some lovely yarn in recent weeks. Mostly from the Loopy Ewe, but also some snazzy red bamboo from 5elementknitter's destash that just glows. (I also ordered some Stitchsavers from her and gave one each to Tracy and Joyce.)

And Rachel's home! We had a very easy trip down and back yesterday and she had almost all her apartment/dorm all packed up and ready to go. So that's nice. Just a few weeks and we get to do it all again to take her back down for the new school year. Mr. Pointy Sticks just keeps mumbling about maybe buying a van....

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