Thursday, July 17, 2008

Every Day In Every Way...

It's rather exciting to come home everyday and see what magic Jeff and Ray have performed while we've been off at work. Today we came home to find the can lights installed in the ceiling of the computer room (which previously had a ghastly old florescent light) and walls and ceiling going up in the bath...actually, the ceiling is done, the walls are beginning. And new insulation in both rooms. I'm snapping pictures every day and will, I'm sure, bore you all with some of them at some point in the future.

Not a lot of knitting to talk about. My Smooshy green socks are preceding slowly (as in, I do two to four rows in the car driving to work every morning and maybe some in the evening) and I haven't touched Alexandra's little cardigan in weeks. This new job is fun (if sometimes scary...I'm being called upon to participate a lot more often which requires actually knowing stuff), but it sure doesn't give me much leisure time. Today I worked through my usual lunchtime, grabbed a bite to eat and then went off to do more work. The end of the afternoon slowed down but, while I would, in my old job, have felt just fine sitting and knitting all day as long as there was no work to do, in the new one (even though I am working with the same groups of people and sitting in the same desk) I just don't feel that I can do that.

And as for the "sitting in the same desk" thing...that'll be changing soon. One of our IT guys sat over near the two women I will be working with and he is moving over into our area to free up his desk for me. Which is awfully nice of him. And that means that I'll be closer to what's going on. And, for once, have a nice clean desk....but that's another story.

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Turtle said...

is the work week over yet so we can sit , have a drink and knit!! At least your people get things done when you are at work...mine call it video gaming.