Sunday, July 20, 2008

Snoozy Sunday

We have got to get out today and choose a light fixture for the new bathroom. But it's so hot out there, she whines.

We went out for dinner last night with our friend Don and ate for the first time at Jessie Wong's, a new Chinese restaurant up in what we fondly refer to as Death Valley. I think it's one of a chain (the restaurant, that is, not Death Valley) but it had a lot of unusual dishes and was pretty good. Sort of on the pricey end of the scale (for us...and for Chinese restaurants). The Tekka Don was $22, for example. At Yamato I think it's $14.95. I had some wonderful dumplings to start and something called Pinot Grigio shrimp. Arthur had Thai Basil Chicken, which he thought was very different but good.

The bathroom progresses. The walls are mostly up. The tiles were picked up Saturday and are patiently waiting in their boxes down in the computer room. Yesterday I went to a flooring store with my brother (who is in the process of redoing his kitchen) and now I am thinking that I'd like to put new carpet down in the computer room when the ceiling is in and the walls are painted.

Current Reading

I've been dipping into this book and that one, over the past week or so, none of them really grabbing me. But then yesterday I picked up the new Nicci French thriller, Losing You. And it held my attention. I finished it this morning. It was hard to read....literally. There were pages that were printed so lightly that there were just pale ghosts of letters on the page. Perhaps the copier was running out of toner?

Next up...the new Ruth Rendell Wexford book, Not In The Flesh. Hope it's good. (It only has three stars at Amazon...but no reviews. And generally, I find Amazon reviews to be...unreliable.)


dotter said...

Hmmm, I've heard of this book that's supposed to be very good... I think it's called, what was it... Paradise? Seems to be getting a lot of excellent press. HMMM...

Also, new carpet for the downstairs would/will be awesome, but what about the poor speckled upstairs?

Rooie said...

Well, since I just recently went downstairs and found a large messy hairball in the middle of the computer room...

A little reminder of why new carpets could just be heartbreaking.

Paradise Lost? Not my idea of summer reading. Not my idea of winter reading either.

Face it, hon. Your mom's a low-brow.