Saturday, July 12, 2008

Old Dependable

Well, it seems that I can't let a week go by without placing an order at the Loopy Ewe. Hey, at least I'm consistent! And loyal. Actually, when the new stuff was posted this week, I looked at it in a sort of hurried fashion and thought, "Eh...nothing I really like." Then, later in the week, when I had a chance to really look at the stuff again (i.e., when things calmed down a bit at work), I looked again and threw a couple of skeins into my cart. And then thought, "No, you really don't need to order anything." Then, later still, I thought, "Oh deserve it."

Which explains why today the following showed up in my mailbox: (The pictures aren't great...they were taken indoors because it looked as though it was going to pour any second. Of course, once I finished taking the pictures I looked outside and it had lightened up considerably and I think now it's actually bright and sunny.)

So, the first is Cherry Tree Hill in a color way called something like Frosty Garden or Frosty Flowers or such. Nice and soft.

And this one is Chewy Spaghetti (love that name) in the colorway Fresh....pewter, pale blue, pale green and cream...yummy.

Oh...and the phone? That's my new Credo phone. Isn't he cute? Haven't named him yet...but he's cute enough that I think I'll have to. Rachel, any name suggestions?

Mr. Pointy Sticks and I went out to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch and it was pretty yummy. Then I went into the Coldwater Creek store there and actually found some pants that fit! And fit well! And feel good!! And have pockets!!! I bought a pair in black and a pair in beige. They come in navy as well but I decided to hold off on them for now...they weren't on sale and I just did a major shopping at Chico's last week since I have to dress a little more formally in the new job. I can still wear slacks, I just feel like I shouldn't be wearing jeans.

On the way home I ran into The Black Sheep to say thank you to Tracy and Joyce for being so nice and creating such a wonderful shop, where you can go in and feel welcome and get help and hang out and fondle yarn...all the good stuff you're supposed to be able to do in a yarn shop. I went in and Joyce was there (Tracy's on vacation) and I said, "Joyce! I just wanted to come in for a quick visit..." And she said, "Oh, I'm so glad you're here. Tracy and I want to thank you."

"I want to thank you..." I started, and then said, "Wait....What? I wanted to thank you for being so nice. What are you thanking me for?" And she said, "We wanted to thank you for giving our shop such a nice plug! We read your post about that other yarn shop."

So we had a nice ole time chatting about mean people and knitting and such....and I walked out with this:

It's cashmere! And it was on sale! C-aaaaahhhh-shmere. So yummy. If I'm good, it'll turn into a scarf or a cowl and be a Christmas present for someone. If I'm bad, I'll end up making something for myself.

And look at that little rascal phone. He seems to think the red sets off his shiny blue nicely.

The second green Smooshy sock is coming along nicely. I've started the gusset, see?

I'm using the Day of the Dead stitch marker that Amy sent me...isn't it cute? And a little sheepy marker on the other side. And what's that inside the sock?! It's the new phone. Pushing into the picture again! Oh okay...I'll give you your own moment in the spotlight....

Are you happy now?


Anonymous said...

Awwww...I'm so glad the little skull is hard at work!

Yes, helpfulness and friendliness can make or break a shop. An LYS here announced this week it's closing, and it blames the economy...but local knitters/bloggers have an entirely different story to tell, with many horrifying variations. Suffice it to say, the economy seems to be the least of that store's problems, and hardly anyone will miss it.

Rooie said...

I love my little skull. It makes me smile every time I get around to it.