Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Man, I'm Such A Geek!

I picked up the new Vogue Knitting and was thrilled to see Jared's mittens on the cover. How cool is that! But that's not the geeky part. I already knew about the mittens from reading BrooklynTweed. But as I'm flipping through the pages, I come upon a little article about Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and there was a photo of..."Franklin!" I said, "Look, it's Franklin! Oh, and there's Stephanie!" To which Mr. Pointy Sticks said, after a short pause, "Who?" Sigh.

But really....I don't know these people...not really. I just feel as though I do. Like they're old college friends. (Yes, they are both much too young for that...thanks for reminding me.) Chums. Buddies. Ah well. It was still a thrill seeing their smiling faces in the pages of the magazine.

And then I turned the page and saw the mini-article about Rabbitch's yarn and did another little internal squeal. I didn't bother to say anything to Mr. Pointy Sticks. I knew I'd just get another "......Who?"

The bathroom is coming along but has sort of come to a halt because we need a) more white bullnose tile, b) more floor bullnose tile, and c) more grout. But that's all ordered and should be in sometime next week. And I think I've picked out the paint color for the walls. I had a few to choose from.....

But I think I've made up my mind (You can sort of drive yourself crazy with too many choices. Right, Justus?) and will be going with Raindrop. It's the one above the paperclip in this picture. Though I love the name of the shade above it...Meander Blue. I think "meander" has to be one of my favorite words. Along with "twilight." What are some of your favorite words?

Of course, I could second guess myself tomorrow. I mean, suddenly that color is looking a little...institutional.

I'm down to turning the heel in Beth's first sock. Maybe I'll put in a picture tomorrow.

Hmmm...I posted this entry and immediately got three spam comments. This has happened a few times and, assuming that my readers don't actually want to go to foreign gambling sites, I'm going to turn on comment moderation. I know it's sort of disappointing not to see one's comment immediately appear. But I can't stand the spams.

Current Reading

Well, well done, Ann Cleeves! I'll admit you had me completely flummoxed as to the identity of the murderer in Raven Black. I like that in a mystery. I look forward to the next mystery in this series, White Nights.

What's next, what's next? Maybe Divisadero...maybe another mystery. If Rachel had her way, it would be Toni Morrison's Paradise.


Niki said...

I am making a special trip to Barnes and Noble tomorrow specifically so I can pick up that issue of Vogue Knitting, specifically because I want that mitten pattern.

becky c. said...

Favorite words: sparkling, destiny, bizarre, cozy...

(Three adjectives...hmm)

Carrie K said...

The Ann Cleeves book sounds promising.

Really? They're all in the new Vogue? I love that.