Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is It Saturday Yet?

I woke up this morning and could hardly drag myself out of bed. It has been very busy at work for me for the past two weeks or so, with late hours and a trip to DC yesterday, and I was fine while the work was all going on. But the event we had been working on was over yesterday (and went very well, thank goodness) and now I just want to collapse.

I am so tired that I didn't even post last night that I had won a blog contest and the prize had arrived. Tonight I will try to get pictures taken and posted. As an appetite whetter for all you knitters, let me just say "Trekking XXL."

Reading A Day Late and A Dollar Short today made me realize that perhaps I have given the mistaken impression that I am shilling for Working Assets. Not because this blog was mentioned at all (I doubt that Evan's Mom even knows about this blog), but because she mentioned those sorts of posts and it made me think. So here's a flat 0ut statement. I received no remuneration from Working Assets in relation to my earlier posts. Unless you count the pretty blue cell phone, but that's available to anyone who signs up with them.

Current Reading

While we were in Fredericksburg over July 4th, I finished Michael Connelly's The Last Coyote. Good ole Harry Bosch. So depressed, so angry. I love Connelly's mysteries. In fact, while we were down in Fred we went to Borders and I picked up another Bosch mystery to read - City of Bones. Haven't started that one. But if you haven't tried Connelly yet, and you like your mysteries noir, he's worth a look.

After that, I read Beth Gutcheon's Five Fortunes. I read the whole thing, sort of hating it the whole time. It's about a group of women, with various problems, who meet during a week at a fancy spa. It follows them through the year up to the next spa get-away. They are all relatively privileged, they all have great successes during the year. It was painless and a quick read -- just sort of stupid. Gutcheon has done better.

Now I'm having great fun with Philip Reeves' Larklight: A Rousing Tale of Dauntless Pluck in the Farthest Reaches of Space. A delightful romp for kids. Set in an alternate universe, during Victorian times, when Newton's discoveries led to space exploration in the 1700's. I loved Reeves' Mortal Engines series, which was for older readers, a tiny bit better than this, I think, but it's still fun. I'll be getting the sequel, which is called Starcross: A Stirring Adventure of Spies, Time Travel and Curious Hats. (I love the subtitles.)


Cara deBeer said...

oooh, I loved Larklight! I'm thrilled there is a sequel. (and agree that I liked Mortal Engines and its sequel a little better than Larklight, mostly because they were darker.)

Kaethe said...

I'm so glad you liked it, Sarah. Now we can all look forward to Mothstorm: The Horror from Beyond < strike >Uranus< /strike > Georgium Sidus!

I've been trying to read A Great and Terrible Beauty and I'm kind of hating it because the heroine has such a modern outlook. I think one way Reeves succeeds is that his heroine(s) aren't at all modern, but are plausible.