Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Plumbing The Depths...Or At Least The Bathroom

This afternoon, while we're at work, our contractor is at our house with the plumber, roughing in the new pipes and all. Or putting in the pipes...I'm not sure what the distinction is. And I got a call and our tiles are in, so we can pick them up sometime time week. Yay!

I am very impressed with how tidy our contractor is (Maryland Contracting, for anyone who's interested). The rooms looked cleaner when they were done for the day than when they started...well, dusty, but tidy. (I can hear my family saying, "Big surprise! A tornado going through would make the rooms look tidier!") Now granted, a contractor should be tidy. But I'm always impressed when they are.

Now that the work has started, I'm excited about it. I was sort of dreading it all the night before they started. Not that we could really ignore the non-functional bathroom and the gaping holes in the computer room ceiling anymore....after, what?, five or six years. (I obviously have a low tolerance for disrepair.)

And it gives the cats something to watch. We do like to fill their days with stimulating activities.

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