Monday, July 28, 2008

Just A Quickie

I just needed to post about a book I finished. So without further ado.

Current Reading

First of all, I haven't finished the Stuart O'Nan. In fact, I've only read the first chapter or so, so I probably shouldn't even have it on my list.

I have finished Never End, an Erik Winter mystery by Ake Edwardson. A very Nordic mystery, somehow. Cool and polite. Not bad. Just...Nordic.

But then I read What Was Lost by Catherine O'Flynn which I really , really liked. It's sad and bleak, but there is some hope at the end. The opening section, about a 10-year-old girl named Kate Meaney, is just wonderful. I'd highly recommend this, as long as you can take a little bleakness, a little sorrow.

And now I've started Raven Black by Ann Cleeves, a mystery set in the Shetlands. It's the first of a proposed four, so I hope it's good.

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