Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tumultuous Tuesday

Well, the contractor showed up this morning and was here for about 5 hours and now, where the bathroom was, we have a great big empty. And the computer room ceiling has vanished. I'm taking pictures but they won't be posted for sometime...unless I get Mr. Pointy Sticks to rig up some way for me to unload my pictures onto my laptop...but then I'd also have to load my camera's software and heaven knows where that is...so I'm thinking no photos until this is all over.

After the contractor and his Destructo-buddy left, Mr. Pointy Sticks and I went off to the Pella window store and bought the window for the bathroom. It's going to be nice. We got one with little mini-blinds inside it. A casement window. Pretty spiffy. If I ever inherit a million bucks, I could see replacing all our windows. Ha! Dream on.

And this evening my brother's girlfriend and I are going to go see Wall*E. I can't wait!

Later --

Back from Wall*E. It's pretty darn adorable. I loved the first half or so...just flat out loved it. The second half is good, too, but the first half is wonderfully imagined and drawn. Funny and touching. Wall*E is a real charmer. It's amazing the character that the animators create with just the gestures and looks of a little machine. I already know that I'll want a copy for us. For one thing, Rachel should definitely see this one and seeing movies in the theater tends to give her migraines.

Work tomorrow.


becky c. said...

I thought Wall*E was great - hope you have fun!

Cara deBeer said...

you can probaly download the software for your camera, I bet the manufacturer has it available online ...

and Simone P. deBeer it is! Thanks for naming my cat!

Rooie said...

I loved Wall*E...I added my comments to the post.

And Cara, good idea about downloading the software. I'll consider that. (I sort of don't want to clutter up my little lap-top. Maybe this would be a good time for Arthur to think about networking all our computers.

And hurrah for Simone!