Thursday, July 10, 2008

So, I Promised You Pictures

A week or so ago I entered a contest at Romancing the Yarn. (It was a really challenging had to send an e-mail with the word TWO in the subject line. favorite kind of contest. If only winning the Mega-Millions was that easy.)

Anyway, here's my haul.

The yarn is so pretty...very autumnal colors. And I got a book. Now, I think this would qualify as a romance novel...and that's a genre I usually don't do. But on a quick glance through the pages it looks well-written. Her next book, Casting Spells, is about a knitter, though...and knit shop owner...who also, judging from the chapter put in this book as a teaser, has supernatural powers and lives in a town of mostly supernatural creatures. That sounds like fun.

We stopped at Borders this evening to pick up a card and a wee giftie for Barry and I bought myself a present, too.

With all the just-engaged, newly wed and new parents in my office now, I felt I could justify the purchase of this book...besides, I love the Otto the Owl pattern. I may just have to make one of those for me.

And just for fun...another pretty day lily.

Rachel called and she's sick...she's muddling along, quaffing water and snarfling aspirin, but she feels crummy. And I know she's all grown up, but I hate to think of her sick and alone. My baby! (Ahem...sorry, toots.)

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