Monday, July 7, 2008

Hey, AT&T! Want To Hear About Good Customer Service?

Y'all may have noticed that my little rant got a comment from Mark Hollis, of Working Assets/Credo Mobile. (Which had my jaw dropping to my knees. I asked if he got to work every morning and entered "AT&T + unhappiness" into Google and checked out all the hits.) Mr. Pointy Sticks and I have been Working Assets customers for 13 years for our long distance...though now, with not many relatives left living out of state, we don't give them much each month. And they've occasionally sent me offers to buy out my contract if I sign up with their cell phone service, but I've always thought that we wouldn't qualify because Rachel and I are both on the same account but have different contract dates and such.

Well, I got a nice call from Scott this evening. (He was calling from Nova of my favorite places...and with his charming "oot" and "aboot," he probably could have sold me the Brooklyn Bridge.) And I am now a Working Assets cellular customer and my daughter will be following soon and, I'd be willing to bet, Mr. Pointy Sticks might not be far behind. (One of the things Scott said, "You've been a Working Assets customer for thirteen years. And that means something to us." Okay, some of that is salesmanship...but he sold me.) I'll pay off AT&T's contract, fax Working Assets the bill and they'll credit my account with the amount I paid, up to $200.

I have what seems like a pretty similar (pretty basic...we're not real high tech types) plan for less money per month. I'm getting a pretty blue phone (a Katana...with a camera!)(and you know it's all about the pretty colors with me). They seem much more flexible. I will have a two year contract but if I want to change some aspect of that contract, I can call or go on the website at any time and make the change.

And a portion of what I pay goes to some pretty darned good charitable organizations.

And this time I got equipment insurance.

The only question in my mind now is if the coverage will be good enough, but since we live in a fairly major metropolitan area, I'm thinking we'll be fine.

So, woot! And thank you, Working Assets!

Go...check them out!


Kitt said...

Yay for GOOD customer service!

Cara deBeer said...

That's a fascinating follow up. There's a big trend right now of customers monitoring their reputations online on a one-on-one basis (see this Boston Globe article: )

Cara deBeer said...

Oops. Businesses monitoring their online reputations, not customers.

And this is the first time I've heard of a competitor actively monitoring their rival's unhappy customers, but it's a great idea!