Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Alphabet Challenge #12 - Loopy Ewe and Little Knits

So, you don't have a LYS (local yarn shop)? Your LYS carries only acrylics and novelty yarns or is intimidatingly snooty? No worries, these days. There are a plethora of on-line stores stocked with wonderful yarns and just waiting to send you plump packages of yarn.

And two of my favorites happen to start with just the right letter for today's challenge. One is The Loopy Ewe. Run by Sheri and her helpers, this shop is fast, friendly and full of yummy yarns. Most of the yarn, I would say, is for socks, but there is plenty of other yummy stuff. One of my favorites is the yarn from Perchance to Knit. As I type this, they only have lace-weight yarn in stock, but I've bought her sock yarn. It's lovely yarn and the colors are to die for. But my favorite part...each skein comes with a matching stitch-marker. (You can click on one of the lace choices and get a close-up of the marker.) Hey, yarn and jewelry, what's not to like!? To go with today's theme, let me just say that she also carries Lane Borgosesia, Lime & Violet, Lone Star Arts (roving for the spinners), Lorna's Laces, and Louet.

I understand that after six orders from Loopy Ewe, one becomes a Loopy Groupie and gets a nice grab-bag of goodies. I'm not there....yet.

The other yarn store that I visit often (mostly, I'll admit, to drool) is Little Knits. Again, fast friendly service...and look at all the stuff on sale! I visit more often than I buy, but only because my stash could eat the house.

So fear not! Quality yarn is within your grasp.

And look....there is little more languid than a lazing cat...

"You are making me raise my head in order to glare at you. Don't let this happen again."

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