Monday, March 24, 2008

Alphabet Challenge #11 - Kureyon Bright

I love Noro's Kureyon. I know, I know, there are lots of valid negatives about it...there's vegetable's not the softest yarn...there are knots...

But oh, those colors. Look at them! Here in Lizard Ridge...or look at this one....or this one...or the one that won a blue ribbon at the Minnesota State fair here.... I really want to make this blanket and I've already started stock-piling skeins of Kureyon for it.

And then there's the Kureyon I just bought to make a Lady Eleanor. Like this one....or this one.... I really want to do this, too.

And then there are things I've already friend's Monsieur L'Entrelac scarf. The striped Noro scarf, which a lot of people make out of Silk Garden. I made mine from Kureyon. (I say actually went off to a Readerville friend.)

So, no, I'm not wild about picking the vegetable matter out of the yarn, though it doesn't bother me unduly. And I sort of like the scratchy wooliness of it. (And it softens a lot after washing, particularly if you let it soak in a little hair conditioner.) I love being able to spit splice it. But's all about the colors. So,'re one of my faves.

Current Reading

I have been remiss. I have forgotten to mention what I was reading for a couple of days. I grabbed Diana Wynne-Jones' The Merlin Conspiracy at the end of last week and read that in a couple of days. It was good. Diana Wynne-Jones was one of Rachel's favorite authors (and may still be) but for some reason she's never really clicked with me. But I enjoyed this one a lot.

Then yesterday I picked up Stuart MacBride's first mystery, Cold Granite. And stayed up far too late finishing it last night. It's what the reviewers called Tartan noir. Set in Aberdeen, where apparently it never stops raining...unless it's sleeting or's a grim mystery shot with bits of humor. I can't wait to read his next two.

And today, in my bag, the next book up...Red Seas Under Red Skies! Yes, I am finally going to read the sequel to The Lies of Locke Lamora. I hope I'm not disappointed by it.

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