Saturday, January 31, 2009

In Which I Almost Land On My Keister...

I had my second knitting class today. Much fun and pictures will follow...but it was also quite an adventure getting there and back.

The Black Sheep is right on York Road and there is parking in front, but on a Saturday you might as well look for a unicorn as hope to get a parking space. Besides, pulling out of the space into Saturday-busy York Road terrifies me pretty much. There isn't great visibility. So I park in the lot behind the store. Which has a driveway leading up to the sidewalk that is steep...very steep. And, right now, it's also icy...very icy. I started up it, finding little patches of dry pavement until I realized that I had gotten to a certain point where there were no more little patches...and I still have several feet of steepness to traverse. So I very gingerly slipped my way the rest of the way up and made it to the sidewalk...great sigh of relief. But all during class I keep thinking about the walk down this very steep and icy driveway. And I was seriously thinking of walking the entire length of the block, down the side street and into the back parking lot...but I wasn't sure if I wouldn't find even more ice.

When I did leave the class I started down the walk toward the driveway and hallelujah! there was a very nice gentleman chopping up the ice and he, after grabbing me when I slipped, walked me down the driveway, delivering me safely to the dry portion of the pavement. (He obviously recognized that I would be flat on my back in the middle of the driveway if he let me go down by myself.) Thank you, Mysterious Gentleman with the Nice Accent!

Class was fun. Here's my sock before I started:

There it is with its little heel flap flapping in the breeze.

And halfway through class there is now a nice little turned heel and the beginnings of the gusset decreases.

And look, a class portrait! Look at all those pretty colors!

And next week is our last class....weepy, weepy.

I had a special treat today...Tracy let me into the Back Room! Oooooooh...I was very excited. I tried to figure out how I could stuff all the yarn in the back room into my little knitting bag, but I didn't think I could do that without somebody noticing. She took me back there so I could look at all the new colors of Poems so I could chose some for a vest pattern I found. (I did choose some...a combo of greens and purples.)

And I talked one of my classmates into buying a skein of cashmere...I should be on commission!

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Kitt said...

Fun! I'm glad you didn't land on your kiester. Chivalry is not dead.