Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wintery Wednesday

So, the Big Winter Storm whipped through here last night...much hysteria from our weathermen…and left only an inch or so of snow. But it ended by depositing a layer of ice, so we were told to come into work four hours late. Now usually I take a “4 hours late” message to mean “Hey, we’re giving you 4 hours…why don’t you just take the other 4 and stay home!” But today Arthur wanted to go in…and I had an audit to clear. So we trudged into work. My fixed shift (we revert to fixed shifts if we have partial days…otherwise we’re on flex-time) ended at 5 p.m. and Arthur’s ended at 4. So I took a little leave so we weren’t at work too, too late. Hey, it’s our anniversary! I didn’t want to work that late. (I am too used to leaving at 3:30 every day.)

The socks for my class are coming along nicely. I think I am about where I should be to start the heel flap. The needles are bothering me less…either I’m knitting a little more loosely or I’m getting used to them. I’m loving the colors of this yarn.

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