Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fidgeting About

It was, at the same time, a rather dull, do-not-much, weekend and a weekend where I felt sort of fidgety and unsettled. I couldn't decide on what to knit next...I finished Sing Them Home (which was wonderful) and couldn't settle on my next book...I had chores I should be doing but just didn't feel like them.

Then today, on Ravelry someone mentioned the Fidget Scarflet, and suddenly I needed to do it. (I think I am in the mood for smaller projects at the moment.) But alas, no size 9 needles! What to do? Well, obviously run to Michael's at 4:30 and get them...and pick up some yarn for it, too. (I did actually have yarn at home but when I saw this alpaca/acrylic blend - or rather felt it - I thought I'd pick it up, too. So here you have the start of Fidget. It's a simple, but attractive stitch, and feels very squooshy.

(Excuse the not-very-good flash was acting hinky for some reason.)

Gizmo actually woke up enough to sniff at the skein. This was unusual, as he spent most of the weekend like this.

He's a good sleeper, our Giz.

But there were pleasant parts to the weekend. Last night, my brother and his sweetie (S.) came over and Mr. Pointy Stick's friend, Don, was here and a bunch of us played Dice-scapades, a silly game but amusing. We gave S. her birthday present and I gave my brother his scarf (the Poems one) which he seemed to like. He did make us laugh heartily by bringing over a linen teatowel that had developed a hole and asking if I could mend it. This was a teatowel that had belonged to my Great-Aunt May. Who has been dead for...oh, 40 years or so. This was a well-used teatowel. I told him to throw it away. He is reluctant to do so. And I thought I was a pack-rat.

Mr. Pointy Sticks and I have began the search for a new television. I think we may have found the one we want at Sears, but we'll have to order it and wait. immediate gratification.

And this is Rachel's last week home. And my first full week of work in a month or more.

It's not going to be fun.

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