Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Friday, I'm Sleepy...It's Meme Time

A quick and simple and oddly enjoyable little meme:

Use the first letter of your name to find a word for each of the following:

Your Name - Sarah
Four letter word - soup
Boy name - Samuel
Girl name - Shannon (Huh...I just realized that there are very few girl names that start with S that I like...Sue, Sally, Samanatha, Sheila, Sophronia....ugh)
Occupation - steelworker, secretary, seamstress, sawyer
Color - sage, silver
Beverage - sangria
Something found in a bathroom - soap...oh, and shampoo...and a sink
A Place - Sri Lanka
Reason for being late - slept too late
Food - scallops and shrimp and salmon and sushi...and soup (I think I'm hungry as well as sleepy)
Something you shout - Slow down!

I love this sort of alphabet game...I frequently put myself to sleep playing the one that kids used to jump-rope to. (Do kids still jump rope?) Anyway, you know the one:

A, my name is Anna
My husband's name is Abel
We live in Ashatabula
And we sell Antiques

B, my name is Bonnie
My husband's name is Ben
We live in Boston
And we sell Books....

And so forth. It's a rare night that I get all the way through the alphabet without falling to sleep. Though there have been a few unpleasant nights when I've used this variant (and still been awake at Z):

A, my name is Amy
My husband's name is Adam
We live in Anaheim
And we sell automobiles
My favorite gem is an amethyst
My favorite author is Austen
My favorite color is azure
And I like to eat apples.

Those are long nights.


Oh Brother said...

I suppose someone might keep their jimmys in the bathroom -- if they made cookies in the sink.

Rooie said...


Jewelry...jammies...joke books...jodphurs (if they were in your hamper)...jeans

mlw said...

Is this lunacy genetic? I wish I had any idea of what you all were talking about. Aren't jimmies those little sprinkly things that go on cookies? Wouldn't they kind of get in your eye make-up if you kept them in the bathroom?