Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yay! It's Sunday...But More Weekend Remains

I do so love three-day weekends.

Yesterday Mr. Pointy Sticks and I puttered around. We went to Daedalus where we ran into Rachel's high school writing teacher, Mrs. Boto. She's a wonderful was so good to see her. She was pleased to hear that Rachel was doing well and said that she's enjoying retirement, though it feels odd not to have a schedule imposed upon her. (Heh. I'd sure like to see what's that like. Oh wait, I do....every weekend.)

I came home with a nice bag of books. Two bags, actually, as we also stopped at Barnes and Noble and I couldn't resist some things there. (Have to keep stirring that economy.) And, since we also stopped at Trader Joe's, we came home with some snacks.

Today we went to the Wild Bird Store where we got various forms of food for the birds and I got two pairs of adorable socks. And saw this little guy:

I think I want him. Wouldn't he be cute in our garden?

And I know it was plenty colder in parts of the country...but here's our poor rhododendron on Saturday. It looks like it's trying to do an impression of drinking straws.

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Turtle said...

are those rhodies trying to bloom!!??? i would love that little guy near my front door!