Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Report From The Front

Well, it's an exciting week here at Pointy Sticks, let me tell you. Comments are filling my in-box as fast as non-high definition tvs are filling the landfills! Numbers are flying thick and fast! The cats are wondering why I keep counting and re-counting buttons instead of, say, cat-treats. The correct number hasn't been chosen yet but there are some people who are mighty close!

And the week is half over. And there's a three-day weekend looming. And Rachel is happy at school and (so far) pretty much loving her classes. And the Inauguration is Tuesday (hurrah!) and we're going to have a pizza party at work and watch what we can during lunch. (Only we can't really call it a party because we really should be all non-partisan and non-celebratory. But what fun is that? So pizzas and brownies all round, barkeep!) And next Saturday I start my toe-up sock class at the Black Sheep, which will last for three Saturdays.

So all sorts of fun stuff in the offing.

Mr. Pointy Sticks fell prey to a mall-kiosk salesperson before Christmas and bought two nail manicuring sets similar to the one shown here (except ours has only one buffer, a nail file and some lotion, as well as the oil). He gave one to me and one to Rachel, who was really the originally intended recipient (she has gorgeous nails)...but he was pushed into buying two sets because "it's cheaper that way!" I, however, am not such a good recipient for this sort of thing as I've been chewing my nails since about the time I got my first teeth. (When I was little, my mom tried painting them with awful tasting stuff, but I would just lick it off, wincing, and continue biting. Then she offered me a dollar a nail (back when a dollar meant something). No good. Then, when I was a teenager she offered me $10 a nail. Still couldn't do it.) But last night I used the buffer on the stumps of nails I have...and man! that thing really shines one's nails right up. They feel very smooth...I can't stop rubbing them. Now, if it gets me to stop chewing on them...that would be a miracle.


Turtle said...

good luck on the nail growing! When i have clients that are "biters" we try numerous things...polish ,
buffing as you are along with a good clear coat (Nailtek 2) or in desperate situations gel overlays ... but this last one costs more and is just to help you get over the habit.

Tabby said...

I've grown the first 3 nails on each hand since my Mum died. Rubbing peach oil into my nails and buffing them helped and started off the nails. Slicing both thumbs with knives helped with that, since they were wrapped in gauze for a couple of weeks and gave the nails a chance to grow. Of the two, I recommend the peach oil more. Getting addicted to an online game helps too, since if you're typing all the time you can't be chewing. And now I have knitting to add to the mix. It's a strange world I live in, but at least people know me here. :)

Rooie said...

Turtle, I've thought, in the past, about getting some sort of applied nail but am worried that the nails will be yucky when the applications are removed...