Monday, January 12, 2009

Finished Objects 2 And 3 And A Whole Armful Of Pretty

Here are the

and two.

Notice the way that number two is buttoned. I finished putting the buttons on in the car and thought, "You idiot! You messed this up somehow!" And then I tried it on buttoned this way and thought, "Hey, this isn't too bad this way!"

This afternoon, photographing this Fidget on the front porch, I thought, "You idiot! You just buttoned it the wrong way." Sure enough, you can button the Fidget either way, depending on how you flip it. the past couple months I've gotten some yummy yummy yarns and it has either been too dark, too wet, too late, or I've been away from home, making it hard to take photos. But today it was sunny, I was home early enough in the afternoon and so...

Let me present some yarn. A bunch of this came from the sale Woolgirl had a couple of weeks back and some came from the Loopy Ewe.

Black Bunny Fibers - Grassy Knoll...look at that green!

Perfect Day yarn - Midnight Iris

Unique Sheep - Woolgirl with a Twist

Miss Babs - Rose Garden

And finally...

A trio of yarns from Madelinetosh. From left to right, Rhubarb, Gilded and Ginseng. I love the way that Gilded goes with either of the two multicolored skeins. I am rather tempted to use it as heel and toes in two pairs of socks. Or something. I love these colors.

And later this evening...(I really need to finish my chores)....a contest!!!


Anonymous said...

Woosa, Kat says those fidget gizmos are coolisimo, er, warm -- the cat's meow.

Tabby said...

Pretty yarns! And I know I'm showing my naivety, but what does one DO with a Fidget?

Rooie said...

The Fidget is a little scarf that buttons up close around one's neck. I'll try to get some pictures of a Fidget in action.