Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Love School!

I had my toe-up sock class this afternoon and it was a blast! Nice group of women and a good teacher. And I started a new sock!

I got there just a few minutes early and got my stuff set up. Those are new Kollage needles...more about them in a minute. The yarn I chose last night, and wound up ready for class, is Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Sock in Taos Thanksgiving (I think that's the name). I really like it...lovely warm colors with flashes of turquoise.

And here's my little figure eight cast on. Oooh, exciting.

And it seemed like only seconds later I had this much...but it was actually an hour into class!

Here's a shot of the table with yarn and needles strewn about. There were some yummy sock yarns being used today.

And by the end of the two hour class I had a toe! I've now started the ribbing of the instep and have about eight rows done. Our homework is to have the instep and heel flap done.

The needles? Well, they do have lovely soft, limp, floppy cords. (So floppy that at one point I picked up the cable to knit with it.) And I like the feel of the square needles in my hands.

But...the join between needle and cable (these are size 2's) are rough enough that I have to pretty much ease the needle through each individual stitch when getting ready to start a row. And that's a pain. And, during class, as I am busily knitting along, I felt something drop down and hit my leg. And I looked down and couldn't see anything at first. Then looked at the needles in my hands and realized that the needle portion had fallen off the cable on the needle I wasn't even using at the time. Fortunately, I had bought them from The Black Sheep so I just walked out, complete with little sad face, and Tracy immediately exchanged the needle for me. She was not happy.

Then I did a little shopping after was the last day of the sale, so I sort of had to, right?! I got a skein of nubby yarn to make a hat to go with the Noro scarf I seem to be constitutionally unable to take off my neck. (I love my scarf.) And four skeins (two cream and two red) of a soft yarn with sparkles. Pictures tomorrow, I hope. I have to show you my Webs yarn, too!


Lisa said...

Is that a sock monkey bag? I have a little thing for sock monkeys.

Rooie said...

Yes. That's one of two sock-monkey sock bags I 'em off Etsy. The other one has sock monkeys playing on a beach and the interior has them floating in the ocean and swimming. Pretty cute.

Lisa said...

Ahh, Etsy -- shoulda known. That is seriously cute.